Pinterest Overtakes Yahoo To Become 4th Largest Traffic Driver Says Report

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Pinterest’s growth continues as new reports suggest it now sends more online traffic than search engine giant Yahoo.

The latest report by Shareaholic shows that the burgeoning social networking site generated 1.84 per cent of traffic through its sites in August compared to 1.37 per cent generated by Yahoo. This makes Pinterest their 4th largest traffic driver, with Yahoo organic searches falling to 5th place. Facebook placed 3rd with 5.90 per cent, direct searches made up 20.03 per cent while Google topped the table, generating 41.28 per cent of traffic.

Shareaholic creates online tools and widgets which are used by over 200,000 websites. The data from their report covers these sites only meaning that the content of those specific sites will have an impact on how they generate traffic. It could be that they are optimised with social networking in mind or not especially optimised for manual searching via Yahoo. That said, these figures are not without precedent with Shareaholic predicting that Pinterest would surpass Yahoo back in August after observing trends on its network related to the social network’s growth. Pinterst’s referral has been steadily climbing in recent months. It grew from 43.7 per cent form May to June, 15.97 per cent from June to July and another 33.33 per cent from July to August. Pinterest passed Bing organic searches (which drove 1.03 per cent of Shareaholic’s August traffic figures) back in June.

These figures will come as another blow to Yahoo. The company has suffered 10 months of declining market share and now sits at an all-time low of 13 per cent. As well as Yahoo and Bing, Pinterest also sits ahead of Google referrals (1.18 per cent), StumbleUpon (0.97 per cent) and Twitter (0.80 per cent). In fact Pinterest is one of the few sources to actually generate more traffic in August with figures from Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Bing, StumbleUpon and Twitter all down.

Pinterest is a social networking site focused on sharing photos, similar to Flickr or Photobucket. Although it remains uncertain if Pinterest can convert its growing army of photo-sharers into online customer, figures like this illustrate its increasing online influence.

Pinterest Overtakes Yahoo To Become 4th Largest Traffic Driver Says Report by

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