Google Acquires ‘Quickoffice’ and Enters into an Agreement to Buy ‘Meebo’

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Web titan Google has acquired the mobile suite ‘Quickoffice’ and has reportedly entered into an agreement to purchase the social media developer ‘Meebo’ for a whopping $100 million. This is just the latest in a long line of business decisions designed to ensure that Google maintains its position as industry leader.

The search engine giant is currently the most used around the globe; however Google has seen increasing competition from mobile devices and social networking sites, most notably Facebook and Twitter. Google generates most of its income through targeted online advertising, and as people continue to use the mobile internet and tablet devices in favour of the traditional desktop, Google has seen one of its most lucrative profit revenues significantly affected.

However, Google is renowned for evolving itself to adapt to new technological trends, and this latest acquisition can be seen as a broader strategy to ensure the company’s longevity, and ultimately its survival.

Google already has its own branded social networking site (Google+) however, the possible acquisition of ‘Meebo’ would provide more advertising opportunities and more ways in which to engage and interact with its existing customer base.

There is much speculation surrounding why the company would choose to purchase the ‘Quick Office’ productivity suite when it could feasibly offer similar functions through developing Google Docs as a mobile application. However, others state that this is a rather canny move by Google, as ‘Quickoffice’ would allow its users to interact with Microsoft Office suite and other existing mobile tools, thus providing users with the convenience of synchronicity. And most importantly this would place the company in a far better position to successfully compete with rival, Microsoft.

It appears that Google is creating a technological portfolio of sorts. A broad and synchronised technological portfolio, consisting of a variation of applications and services, means that the company is far better placed to engage with users on all manner of platforms. If implemented well, it would allow the company to create a service so all-encompassing that users would be unlikely to see any need to leave.

Arguably this is an indication that Google has learnt from its predecessor’s mistakes. ‘Myspace’ is just one example of a company that failed to adapt with changing internet trends and evolving consumer demands, and by the very nature of technological advancement, this short-sightedness soon rendered the company irrelevant.

Google Acquires 'Quickoffice' and Enters into an Agreement to Buy 'Meebo' by

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